‚ÄčMr. Joey Ray Liesinger


IT Instructor
Head Boys & Girls Golf
(605) 256-7706
Madison High School
800 NE 9th Street
Madison, SD 57042


With our one-to-one laptop initiative (every student has their own laptop), MHS offers multitudes of computer courses.  These courses stem from the rudimentary to the cutting-edge and prepare students for post-secondary education, vocations for the next century, and probably jobs yet to come into existence.  

The Top Bar Links above list the courses offered here.  Inside each course homepage, you will find their description, pathways, and clusters. 

The Course Descriptions can also be found at http://doe.sd.gov/octe/commoncore.asp.  In the right-hand column of that site, click on the State Common Code Descriptions and an excel document will open.  In this excel document, click on the CTE workbook tab located near the bottom border of the worksheet.  From there click on South Dakota's specific course description.

The Standards for each course can be found at http://www.doe.sd.gov/octe/careerclusters_infotech.asp.

Links for the Course Syllabi and Scope & Sequence are on the left of each page in the quick launch toolbar.

 Attendance + Attitude + Attention = Employability

All of these classes are about "Employability.  Rudimentary classes have more step-by-step assignments while the more advanced clases are project based.


We are becoming a paperless society.  Students enrolled in these courses have everything they need 24/7 right on their computer.  Textbooks are on-line and assignments are submitted digitally.  

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